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comodo firewall 10

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comodo firewall 10

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Internet Security Pro puts money back in your pocket. Get complete security for pennies a day. Comodo Personal Firewall for Windows 10 The Comodo Personal Firewall for Windows 10 prevents unauthorized access of personal computers through the network and the internet. Network traffic takes place through ports and malicious entities may try to gain access without any authorization. Devices used by computers for network access and connection to the Internet carry a single IP address or static IP address — this is risky.

Mobile device users utilize public WiFi, which increases risk. Many users keep their internet connections always on as broadband connectivity has become cheap— this is risky. Windows 10 is the latest operating system being used in enterprise networks.

All computers on a network must be protected from unauthorized criminal access. Functions of a Personal Firewall Rules can be specified to block specific websites Rules can be specified to allow access only to specific websites Access to inappropriate websites can be blocked — a useful feature for blocking access to websites inappropriate for children Unauthorized inbound and outbound connections can be monitored and blocked. Firewall stealths ports on computer to block cyber criminals from finding out the ports and gaining access into the computer Helps find out unauthorized access or hacking attempts Malicious programs such as Trojan Horses are blocked by Firewall Many programs need access to the internet.

Rules can be specified to allow only certain programs to be able to access the internet. Their website seems intentionally misleading. It has phrases like "5 top secrets why Comodo Firewall is different" and "Important Firewall Features". Unfortunately, the Free Firewall doesn't offer many of the important features that are reserved for the Pro Firewall. For a free product, Comodo Free Firewall is a really nice piece of software.

Once you've decided to purchase the Pro version of Comodo Firewall you get many more features to play around with. By switching your PC over to Comodo DNS servers you can prevent many common malware attacks from even being possible on your computer. They offer a similar type of protection, also for free.

You also have an option to enable "Cloud-Based Behavior Analysis" of untrusted files. This feature will send information about files that you attempt to run to the Comodo servers for analysis. Enabling it is a choice that each person will have to make based on a balance of privacy and security. Comodo Dragon is a browser that is bundled with Comodo Firewall that is based on the Chrome browser.

Comodo Dragon is a decent browser that offers features like a price comparison tool, tools for searching for and sharing text on pages, and a media downloader. The main appeal for many is that the Dragon Browser is fully sandboxed from your computer. This means that any malware that manages to run in the Dragon Browser cannot affect your PC. You can use the Dragon Browser to intentionally install malicious software on your computer if you want. It's completely isolated from your computer.

The main Comodo program is clean and uncluttered, but hiding under the hood is a ton of features and customizations. Clicking the Advanced button you can find the Firewall Tasks section, which allows most of the advanced firewall features:. Comodo Firewall covers all of the basic features that you expect in a software firewall. It's super easy to use and seems to be pretty bulletproof. You can virtualize any program in a safe container, and any changes that it makes to your system are completely isolated.

At any point in time, you can reset the container and everything is wiped clean. This is a super useful feature for test running things that you are not sure about or do not completely trust. Comodo Firewall really packs a lot of features for advanced users. Here are just a few more of them. Comodo View Connections allows you to see all of the currently active network connections both in and out of your computer. Comodo KillSwitch is a handy tool to help visualize everything that is running on your computer.

It is a handy way of detecting malware and viruses for more techie users. Comodo Autorun Analyzer allows you to disable any programs that run at system startup, a feature of Windows that is commonly abused by malware. There are few things to not like about Comodo Firewall, but one of them is that it can get a bit in your face at times.

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