What is citrix sharefile

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what is citrix sharefile

Sharefile is a cloud-hosted file server at its most basic level that replaces the need to host one within a workplace or business. It also allows you to offer. Take productivity to the next level with ShareFile. Securely send, share, get feedback, approvals and even e-signatures on any file, fast. Whether you're in. Business-class file sharing meets real-time collaboration Accelerate productivity with automated workflows you customize and control. Give real-time feedback. KILL VNC SERVER RASPBERRY PI Широкий окунётесь в атмосферу Франции, не так и создателей современной. Лимитированные работы сертификаты. Широкий спектр работ как всемирно скидку так и молодых процентов современной все.

Work is about to get a lot simpler. Explore now. Easily access, send and sync. Bank-level data encryption secures your files in transit and at rest. And with more than 25 customizable security settings, you have the power to recover lost data and prevent leaks. Enterprise-level solutions Integrated IT solutions and unlimited cloud storage along with on-premises and hybrid options. Having trouble accessing files you've been sent?

Click here. Want to learn more about how ShareFile can help your business share files securely and easily? Try Free. United States Australia. MENU Login. Work the way you want Use any device to securely access your files, share data and create time-saving workflows. Free trial is for Premium plan. Business-class file sharing meets real-time collaboration Accelerate productivity with automated workflows you customize and control. In addition, companies are able to restrict third-party editing tools that employees might try to install on their devices, and audit content accessed from a device that has been lost or stolen.

This private virtual cloud was designed to help companies stay compliant with updated HIPAA standards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Register. Retrieved 7 January Nasdaq Intel. Retrieved 23 March CRN Magazine. Retrieved 1 March Walter Magazine. Archived from the original on 7 November Ohnesorge April 22, Triangle Business Journal. Rashid August 31, PC Magazine. Retrieved 3 April Retrieved PC World. Kovar May 15, Computer Dealer News.

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Reports can include activities such as logins, downloads, deletions, etc. The policy to save data older than 90 days for Corporate and Corporate Gold accounts was put in place fall Activity before this time may not be available. When logging into the Citrix ShareFile web application, you provide your email address and password at your account landing page.

After a period of time your session will timeout and you will be prompted to login again. ShareFile Enterprise customers can opt to integrate with Active Directory and redirect this login process. ShareFile stores an oAuth token instead of your credentials and then uses that token to access the ShareFile API instead of your credentials. This allows a tool like ShareFile Sync to run in the background happily keeping all your files in sync without needing to prompt you for a password every time a change is made.

This token has limited access to ShareFile only, so it is less of a security risk than storing your credentials. The way authenticating with oAuth tokens works is that ShareFile first prompts you for your email address and password using a secure web form that is similar to the one used when you login to the web application. If using AD integration, we redirect you to configured IdP for the initial authentication. Once you have successfully authenticated, the secure web form provides the application with an oAuth token that is securely stored in the application.

All subsequent access is done using this token you will not be asked for your credentials again until the token expires. The expiration for this token can be set by ShareFile administrators in Advanced Preferences. If you lose access to the device where the ShareFile application was installed, you can manually expire the oAuth token in the ShareFile web application under My Settings.

Disabling a user will also expire all tokens for that user. Since these tokens act as a replacement for your password, they are not tied to the password expiration policy either within ShareFile or to an AD password expiration. You will not need to reauthenticate with a tool when you change your password, but only when the oAuth token expires. ShareFile accounts are stored on servers maintained by Amazon Web Services in multiple locations across the globe. All data centers containing ShareFile servers are SSAE 16 certified, proving that they meet high standards for security.

Physical access is tightly controlled, and double verification is required to proceed to any areas housing data. Our servers are firewall protected and regularly updated to ensure that all of the latest security patches and updates are in place. ShareFile has established operational procedures to maintain the availability of the system and user data, as appropriate and agreed to with users.

ShareFile procedures take into account system capacity needs, physical and environmental threats to system resources, and recovery timelines needed to uphold service levels. Servers in the control plane are configured for high availability. Databases automatically fail over to an on-site secondary node, and data is further replicated at a geographically segregated disaster recovery site. Replication delays are monitored and addressed in order to meet recovery point objectives.

For Citrix-managed StorageZones, storage infrastructure is hosted with AWS and Microsoft Azure and availability is monitored real time by the network operations group. Customers managing their own StorageZones are responsible for availability, capacity planning and disaster recovery for uploaded data in these StorageZones. All ShareFile employees undergo full background checks and sign our handbook prior to beginning employment with the company.

The handbook includes an agreement to maintain the privacy and security of account information. Company policy prohibits employees from accessing accounts or client data except where they have been expressly granted permission by an account administrator for the purpose of support.

Any logins or activity by ShareFile Support will be logged in the account activity reports and available for review by account administrators. In order to upload or download from a ShareFile account, you must access data housed in ShareFile cloud storage.

ShareFile separates application traffic from file uploads and downloads. ShareFile client applications require access to the ShareFile. User account settings, business logic and file metadata are handled by the SaaS application—no files are stored within the SaaS application tier. Data Storage services known as StorageZones may be managed by Citrix or hosted and managed by customers.

Files are stored securely within the data storage tier and accessible only by clients who have authenticated to the SaaS application tier. The ShareFile SaaS application authorizes file operations between authenticated users and the appropriate data storage service. Users must authenticate in order to use ShareFile.

In this article we assume that SAML is used for enterprise authentication. To support accounts that use Citrix-managed storage zones, Citrix manages a variety of storage servers that execute in Amazon or Azure public cloud infrastructure. The list of public cloud servers used for Citrix-managed StorageZones is variable based on your account location, scalability requirements, and other factors, and is subject to change.

After successfully authenticating with the SaaS application the client would upload and download files from one of the servers. Click here for information on CFR Part 11 compliance. To report a reproducible security vulnerability in a Citrix product, including ShareFile, please send the following information to the Citrix Security Response team:.

The above details should be sent to the Citrix security response team using the secure citrix. Please note that the security response email address should only be used to report specific security vulnerabilities. To reach our Global Customer Support department, email privacy sharefile. Billing cycles vary by country, please reference your location below for specific billing information:.

ShareFile will prorate your first charge based on the number of days left in the current month and your billing cycle. All subsequent charges will be billed on the 1st of the month based on your billing cycle. In the event of account cancellation, you will not be billed further. Fees for extra services or features, such as additional employee licenses, will be billed at the time of the order.

You will initially be charged a prorated amount for the upgrade based on the number of days left until your regular billing date. Subsequently, you will be billed for all subscription charges on the normal billing date for your account. If you choose to cancel the extra features after your card has been billed for the month, you will not be reimbursed for the days you did not use the features.

If you believe ShareFile has billed you incorrectly, you must contact ShareFile no later than 60 days after the closing date on the first billing statement in which the error or problem appeared, in order to receive an adjustment or credit. Inquiries should be directed via phone or email at support sharefile.

For Customers Located in the UK and Germany: All billing cycles will start on the day of your order and you will continue to be billed on this same day each month on an ongoing basis. If a month is shorter in duration than your typical billing date, your account will be billed on the final day of that month. In the event of account cancellation, your account will continue to be active through the final day of your current billing cycle and you will continue to have service through this date.

Your subscription will not renew following the end of your current billing cycle. Account administrators or an Employee user with the "Edit Billing Information" permission can modify billing information from within the ShareFile web app. Your credit card information can also be updated by phone. ShareFile offers invoice billing to accounts on annual billing cycles. Monthly and annual cycles are available.

If you wish to switch to invoice billing, please contact ShareFile Support. Only employee users with the request plan changes permission can alter your billing plan. Only account administrators or users with the request plan changes permission may perform this action.

Select the plan type you wish to use, and enter the amount of licenses you wish to add. Your billing estimate will be indicated at the bottom of the screen. You may also enter your billing information in this menu if converting from a trial to a paid account. Click here for a detailed list of ShareFile plan types and the features available to each. Once you have requested a plan change, ShareFile support will review your request and email the billing contact on the account a confirmation of the changes.

This link will only be available after your first billing and can only be accessed by employee users who have the " View Billing Receipts " and " Access Account-wide Reporting " permissions. This section will store all receipts for the entire length of your account. There is an option to receive an email notification every time your account is billed and you can turn it on by selecting the check box for Send email notification when my account is billed.

Select the check box and then click Add additional recipients to add a user that will receive Billing notifications. If you pay for your account via invoices, please contact ShareFile Customer Support to arrange for additional billing notification recipients. Bandwidth is a measure of the total data transfer activity on an account. Every time a file is uploaded or downloaded using your ShareFile account, bandwidth is used.

Bandwidth is recorded on your account for any downloads, both complete or incomplete. Uploads count toward your bandwidth if they have been completed. Bandwidth resets to zero on the first of every month. Bandwidth and Storage can be checked in the Admin section of your ShareFile account.

Retrieved 23 March CRN Magazine. Retrieved 1 March Walter Magazine. Archived from the original on 7 November Ohnesorge April 22, Triangle Business Journal. Rashid August 31, PC Magazine. Retrieved 3 April Retrieved PC World. Kovar May 15, Computer Dealer News. Information Week. Network World. Citrix Systems. List of mergers and acquisitions.

Ed Iacobucci Mark B. Templeton Kirill Tatarinov. Categories : Citrix Systems File hosting File sharing services Research Triangle Cloud computing providers Data synchronization Companies based in Raleigh, North Carolina Internet properties established in mergers and acquisitions establishments in North Carolina.

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Backup Files are backed up according to configurable file-retention and versioning settings. Configurable settings. Features Description Password policy Clients have the option of configuring password policies, including password history, expiration, and complexity controls such as length, uppercase and lowercase letters, at least one number, and at least one special character. SAML 2.

Clients may optionally configure the connection to support TLS. ShareFile supports various two-factor and two-step authentication methods including forms and token-based authentication as well as SMS, voice and backup codes File retention Users can choose to automatically delete files a certain number of days after upload to support retention preferences and policies. File versioning Users can view different versions of a file uploaded with the same name to ensure that no changes are lost between updates or edits.

Terms and conditions Terms and conditions can be displayed on the login page, with the option of including a check box on the login screen that must be marked to indicate compliance with the terms before logging in. OAuth 2. Account lockout ShareFile allows customization of account lockout policies to prevent account tampering. This application control account preference can be customized to meet individual compliance needs.

Customized folder permissions Administrative users can set folder permissions to ensure that employee and client users may only access specific folders. These permissions may be set to propagate to subfolders or apply only to specific subfolders. Account activity reporting ShareFile allows administrative users to run and access various reports on activity, usage, storage and permissions.

Reports can be run on demand or emailed daily, weekly or monthly. Email notifications Users can choose to have customized notifications sent in real time or in a consolidated daily message. Mobile device security. Features Description File self-destruct Users can determine the number of days downloaded files remain on a device before they are automatically removed after a lapse in user login or account access, even if offline.

External applications interaction Users can control whether downloaded files can be opened outside of the ShareFile application. Offline access Downloaded files can be accessed on iOS and Android mobile devices even when offline. Permissions management Users can manage permissions and access rights to ShareFile files and folders from a mobile device. Files downloaded after the PIN or password is configured are encrypted by the application on the device.

Administrative users can require PIN lock or password. Restrict modified device Administrative users can enable this feature to restrict other users from using the iPad or iPhone apps on jail-broken devices. Remote wipe Users can remotely lock and wipe ShareFile data from a lost or stolen device. Citrix Endpoint Management optional Citrix Endpoint Management can augment device and application security.

Attachment conversion ShareFile allows users to send secure links to files and folders up to 10 GB in size, bypassing limitations on attachment size in email systems and preventing email bounce backs. The size limitations can be configurable with Citrix Support. Features Description Document watermarking Customizable dynamic watermarking is available whenever documents are viewed, downloaded or printed to discourage unauthorized distribution of data. Enhanced analytics Administrative users can track how and when files are being accessed, including data on the most active users, recent searches, most-viewed documents and longest-viewed documents.

Answer questions privately or provide added clarity with secure public or private questions annotated onto a file. Receive real-time notifications when comments are made or export the entire question log. ShareFile Cloud for Healthcare. Audit controls Clients can use the Account Reporting function provided within ShareFile to review account activity, such as account usage and access to files and folders, to track disclosures.

Unique users and authentication ShareFile provides clients the capability to assign individual user accounts based on unique email addresses. Clients are responsible for providing unique accounts and logins to each client. Encryption ShareFile handles the encryption and decryption of all files, including those containing PHI. Integrity controls To help ensure that PHI has not been altered or destroyed in transit or at rest, ShareFile verifies file size and uses industry-accepted hashing algorithms to verify file integrity during file transfers.

Physical safeguards Measures are in place to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining physical access to datacenters and systems, where PHI may be processed or stored. Testing and evaluation To maintain compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule, Citrix engages an independent third party to perform periodic risk assessments and gap analyses.

Related Articles. Signup for ShareFile Now. ShareFile employs TLS protocols to protect client authentication, authorization and file transfers. ShareFile secures files in transit with up to bit encryption using industry-standard encryption protocols. ShareFile employs a keyed hashed message authentication code HMAC to authenticate and ensure the integrity of intra-system communications.

Stored files are protected using AES bit encryption in addition to unique per-file keys. Files are stored in replication with leading providers such as AWS and Azure that ensure high file durability and are backed up according to customer configurable file retention and versioning settings. Each link you send is unique. Links to files are randomly generated using strong hash-based message authentication codes and other countermeasures that protect links from guessing attacks.

ShareFile also offers various configurable settings and permissions that allow you to restrict access to files and folders. Any file you share with ShareFile can be password protected. Additionally, you have the option to limit the number of times a file may be downloaded, or you can set an expiration date for any link you send. ShareFile employs TLS protocols with up to bit encryption to protect client authentication, authorization and file transfers data in transit.

To protect files at rest, ShareFile stores client files using AES bit encryption in addition to unique per-file keys. Your files and their content are protected at rest using an AES bit encryption key and randomly generated per-file keys. ShareFile manages your encryption keys and maintains a key management policy and supporting procedures.

Customers interested in generating and managing their own encryption keys may choose to store and encrypt their files on premises using Citrix Storage Zone Controllers. Enterprise customers can create and manage on-premises storage zones as part of a ShareFile enterprise account. ShareFile employs similar security protocols for file access from a mobile device as those used when files are accessed via the web application. Configurable controls allow you to further protect your data using your mobile device.

You can manage permissions and access rights to ShareFile files and folders from a mobile device. You can require a PIN or password to access files on a mobile device to strengthen access controls and enable in-app encryption. You can prevent files from being opened using third-party apps. You can disable offline access to files, requiring users to be actively logged in to view files.

You can determine the number of days downloaded files remain on a device before they are automatically removed, even if offline. You can even remotely wipe ShareFile data from a lost or stolen device. When you replace email attachments with secure ShareFile links to files, you combine the convenience of email with the security of a portal.

The document you link to is protected in transit using TLS protocols and with up to bit high-grade encryption. Account admins also can configure ShareFile to send messages to a mail server over an SSL encrypted segment, provided the mail server supports SSL connections. Custom settings let you determine the security and use policies so your data can be delivered safely. FTP FTP is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another via a network.

Because standard FTP is not able to encrypt data traffic, documents are not protected during transfer. Many people choose to switch from FTP to other tools because FTP can be difficult to set up and manage, lacks user control and reporting features, and is not compatible with mobile devices. ShareFile uses and TLS protocols with up to bit high-grade encryption to protect files during transfer. ShareFile can be accessed using any web browser that can access the Internet and does not require the opening of additional ports or the installation of special software.

Even a strong password is susceptible to hackers. Sending the PDF password over email further increases the chance of a security breach. With ShareFile, you can bypass the hassle of password-protecting a PDF and sending the password over insecure email. ShareFile allows you to send secure links to PDFs and other document types directly from ShareFile or email and lets you track when and by whom the document is downloaded.

Consumer-grade file-sharing tools There are many file-sharing tools on the market today and deciding which one is right for you can be a challenge. The tool you use to share photos with your family might not be the right tool for sharing business documents or confidential client files with colleagues or customers. Because ShareFile was built specifically for business use, many find it is a good choice for businesses that need to safely send and receive sensitive or confidential documents.

Specialized offerings, such as ShareFile Archiving for entities subject to SEC or other requirements for data retention , the ShareFile Cloud for Healthcare for entities that process and store Protected Health Information PHI , and a large selection of user-managed security settings help businesses address government and industry mandates around data security, privacy, and retention.

ShareFile protects data during transit and while it is at rest on our servers — we call it top-to-bottom security. In addition to the measures we take to protect your data, ShareFile provides you with many options for customizing your security settings.

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